Got Data? Need Reports, Analysis, Dashboards, or a Reporting system?

Do you have data in an ERP, Database, or custom application and can’t get the Reports you need? ReportingGuru can help. We can help design the requirements, setup any reporting software if necessary, and build the reports.  We work with our client’s team to gather the requirements, and then build the corresponding reports.  

Why hire somebody full time or waste time internally trying to develop reports? ReportingGuru works as needed with your team to build Reports.  We have been in business for 15 years, don’t ask for any money up front, and don’t have any minimums.  

We are 100% located in the US, provide excellent Customer Service, fast Response Times along with top tier Communication.

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We are reporting experts

At ReportingGuru, all we do is Reports and have been in business for 15 years.  We have worked with almost every reporting tool that exists.  We are all database developers as well, so we can write the complex queries needed to aggregate your data properly. 

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

We are SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Experts. We are also Database Developers, so we can write extremely complex queries and stored procedures to build the data sets. We help clients from many different niches of the business world to access custom reports which are delivered according to their exact specifications, for very affordable rates.
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Crystal Reports

We are Crystal Reports Experts. Whether Crystal Reports is embedded in your ERP or if you are using Crystal Server, we can help. Handing over reports to ReportingGuru is one of the best ways to reduce operating costs and it's also one of the best ways to reduce stress and boost productivity. At ReportingGuru, we are pleased to offer a professional and cost-effective Crystal Reports reporting service to our clients.
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Business Analysis

ReportingGuru can help flush out the requirements for the reports you need. We work with different subject matter experts in different client departments to help. Communication is key. We have worked in every industry with almost every ERP.
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Are you a business owner who needs to create business intelligence reporting tools (BIRT)? Are you lacking in sufficient resources and bandwidth to get things done in-house? If so, you should know that handing over the task to our company will give you access to what you need...and also save you precious time and cash!
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Power BI

We are Power BI experts. Let us take your requirements and build the Power BI reports you need.
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Reporting Software and Architecture

Do you not have any reporting software setup? Let us analyze your current technology stack and recommend the most cost effective reporting platform to implement. We are technology agnostic and have worked with many different reporting platforms, so we will suggest the reporting software that is best for your specific business. We can then implement the reporting software and build the necessary reports.
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Why Hire Us

Excellent Communication and Top Tier Customer Service

With Report Development, one of the most important, but often overlooked, skills is Communication.  Obviously it is necessary to have the required technical skills, but it is super important to have the necessary communication skills to gather the requirements and ask the right questions.  Our team is 100% located in the US and has excellent communication skills.  Without the communication barriers,  we are able to meet with our clients as needed to help flush out any requirements or reporting obstacles smoothly and efficiently, which translates into saving our clients money. We’re proud of our team and how they interact and collaborate with our clients to build relationships and help meet all of their report development needs.

Top Customer Service

We always give same day responses to let our customers know when a report will be complete.  This isn’t an extra charge; this is just how we do business by providing great Customer service.

We have a Project Manager that makes sure everything is going in the right direction.  Our project manager will ensure that we get responses back to our clients to keep the ball rolling.  And we ensure that reports are delivered on time to our customers.

We Believe in Great Communication

Our team members work 100% is the USA, and they are great communicators. At ReportingGuru, we understand that building reports is an iterative and collaborative experience. It’s imperative that our clients are able to relay requirements and the necessary feedback to our team and that we are able to understand and turn that around to deliver exactly what our clients are looking for.  This may involve a phone call or a screen sharing session.  For this reason, we hire report developers who really know how to talk to clients!

Microsoft Dynamics
Prophet 21
Many More ERPs!!

eRPs we work with

ReportingGuru works with almost every ERP and database out there.  We are database developers, so we know how to find the data in any database/ERP.  If there is a database, we can build reports.

Why Choose Us

We Have worked with every industry

Every industry has different types of reports that are important to that specific industry.  So, jumping in and understanding the business and having prior knowledge of the industry is important.  Since we have been in business over 15 years, we have worked with almost every industry out there.

Financial Reporting

Maybe you need Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Aging Reports, Investor Packets, ETC.

Manufacturing Reports

Are there processes in your manufacturing process that can me improved with reporting?

Logistics and Distribution

Delivery management is information intense. Let ReportingGuru build our your logistics reports.

Medical Reporting

ReportingGuru can setup and build hospital and medical reports.

Insurance Reporting

Whether is it the statistical analysis or the compliance reporting, ReportingGuru can help.

Lots more Industries

We have worked with Farming, Poultry and Meat Processing, Sign Companies, Equipment Maintenance, Private Equity, Metal Recycling, Utility Companies, Home Builders, Retail Sales, Mining, Engineering, Law Home Sales, Waste Management ..ETC


How to Get Started

report creation

We gather the requirements for the reports needed. This can be something simple like a PDF, Excel, or Word Document. We can also meet with the proper stake holders and go over the requirements. Send us an email, fill out the form, or give us a call to chat with a Reporting Expert.

Report Architecture Setup

If you don't have a reporting system setup, we can help. We will analyze your current technology and environment including the ERP and database that you company is using. Then, we will recommend and implement a cost effective solution for your company.

Let ReportingGuru handle your Data and Reporting Needs

You will always need data from your apps and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. We’ll give you the data that you need for much less than you would need to pay in order to build the same reports in-house.

You will only need to pay us when we are working for you. That’s the beauty of giving us your reports.

Our cost-effective report building services are designed to make the cost of running your company more affordable.

As well, you should know that we put painstaking attention to detail into every report that we create for each customer. From architecture setup to query creation to report development to dashboard creation and beyond, we never miss a single detail!

It’s all about giving you the data that you need in order to make wise and informed business decisions.

We provide Excellent Communication and Top Tier Customer Service.

Free Analysis & Estimate

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