Got Data? Need Reports, Analysis, Dashboards?

Do you have data in an ERP or custom application and can't get the Reports you need? ReportingGuru can help. We can help design the requirements, setup any reporting software if necessary, and build the reports. Why hire somebody full time or waste time internally trying to develop reports? ReportingGuru works as needed with your team to built Reports.

At ReportingGuru, all we do is reports. We help clients from every Industry get the Reports and Dashboards that they need. When you place your trust in our company today, you won't have to pay your own full-time staff to get the job done.

All of our Team Members have 10+ years of Report Development experience and are located in the US.

Let ReportingGuru handle your Data and Reporting Needs

You will always need data from your apps and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. We'll give you the data that you need for much less than you would need to pay in order to build the same reports in-house.

You will only need to pay us when we are working for you. That's the beauty of giving us your reports.

Our cost-effective reporting services are designed to make the cost of running your company more affordable.

As well, you should know that we put painstaking attention to detail into every report that we create for each customer. From architecture setup to query creation to report development to dashboard creation and beyond, we never miss a single detail!

It's all about giving you the data that you need in order to make wise and informed business decisions.

We are standing by to provide the most cost-effective and versatile reporting services.

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We Create Reports for Tons of Apps and ERPs

You need a reporting services company which offers access to top-notch data mining and complete reporting. We fit the bill and we are able to create reports and perform data mining within a host of software programs, according to industry best practices.

Sometimes, creating these reports in-house can be rough! Quite often, our clients aren't familiar enough with the software platforms that they are using. We are experts who do understand an array of apps and ERPs. When you hire us, we'll take the stress and pressure off of your shoulders.

Examples of software platforms that we work with include SSRS, Crystal Reports, BIRT, .NET, SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Oracle. However, this just scratches the surface! We currently create reports and do data mining for fifteen popular business software platforms.

Examples of ERPs that we have experience with include Dynamics, Sage, SalesForce, Shoptech, ViewPoint, Fishbowl, Epicor, Infor, JobBoss, Jobscope, QuickBid, Investran, Tekla, Prophet21, ETC.

Overall, we work with 125 ERPs, so it's safe to say that we will be able to create superior reports for your particular type of Enterprise Resource Planning software!


SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Did you know that handing over the task of SQL Server Reporting to us will be the key to lowering operating costs at your company? We help clients from many different niches of the business world to access custom reports which are delivered according to their exact specifications, for very affordable rates.

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Crystal Reports

Handing over reports to third-party companies is one of the best ways to reduce operating costs and it's also one of the best ways to reduce stress and boost productivity. At ReportingGuru, we are pleased to offer a professional and cost-effective Crystal Reports reporting service to our clients.

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Custom Reports

These days, many businesses get a lot of support from business software platforms. These apps and ERPs give them the power to manage data effectively and run their operations more efficiently. Many of these applications and Enterprise Resource Programs also help them to plan for the future.

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BIRT Reports

Are you a business owner who needs to create business intelligence reporting tools (BIRT)? Are you lacking in sufficient resources and bandwidth to get things done in-house? If so, you should know that handing over the task to our company will give you access to what you need...and also save you precious time and cash!

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We Provide Prompt and Professional Services

Our reports are returned promptly, just when we say they will be, and each report is produced in the most professional manner. As well, while we're developing and consulting on your behalf, we'll make sure that every bit of relevant information is shared with you.

We employ a team of software wizards who know how to extract and compile data. We're proud of our team and what they do to help our clients.

We get results by utilizing the most appropriate and effective forms of reporting software. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports from SAP, BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools), Tableau, Jasper and Pentaho are our reporting software programs of choice.

We know that these programs allow us to produce stellar results for our clients and we understand every aspect of these highly-rated and efficient reporting software programs.

We Also Offer Database Development & Integration

Databases are often quite complex. We know how to figure out database schema and create appropriate queries for aggregation of information. Also, if your company is utilizing an assortment of apps in order to take care of business, you should know that we'll be able to integrate your databases, with a mind to putting all of the data that you need in one convenient place.

We also optimize databases so that they function more effectively for our clients.

As well, we perform Application Integration which makes it simple to extract metrics from a variety of applications for a single report. Without application integration, your team may waste a lot of time on data entry. This just isn't necessary. Let us help and then enjoy a more streamlined experience. After we integrate your apps, staff will only need to enter digital information once.

We Believe in Great Communication

Our team members work in America and they are great communicators. At ReportingGuru, we understand that building reports is an iterative experience. For this reason, we hire report developers who really know how to talk to clients!

When you choose us for reporting services, our pros will get in touch with you and then find out exactly what you need, no matter how specific your calculations are.


How to Get Started

If handing over the task of data mining, dashboard creation and/or report creation to a third party sounds good to you, why not connect with our team today? We are standing by to offer you to caring and personalized service for affordable rates.

We want to you to discover the cost-saving, stress-reducing benefits of allowing us to do your report creation and related tasks. It's really the smartest way to save time, money and energy.

Give us a call to get started today!


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