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Need BIRT Developers for reports?  Why hire full time when you can just pay for what you need?

Quite often Companies have BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) reports they need built and just don’t have the bandwidth or resources.  There may be a set of reports that are initially needed and then the workload tapers off .  Reporting Guru can knock out the initial set of reports, then work as needed with no minimums and no retainer to help with your reporting needs.  Try us out with a couple of reports to see how it goes!!

Let us be your BIRT Developers!!  Email, call, or fill out our contact form to speak with an architect about your BIRT needs.

  • We learn your Business Requirements
  • We are BIRT Reporting experts
  • We can setup your BIRT reporting environment including BIRT iHub
  • We write the Complex Queries
  • We write the BIRT Reports
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!!
    • Report Building is an iterative process that requires communication between Reporting Guru and the end user
  • We use a Project Management system
    • Fully transparent
    • Streamlined Communication
    • Business Knowledge Retained
  • We integrate to multiple Applications
  • We want to be your BIRT Developers!!

If you hire a full time report developer, here are the average costs per Indeed.  Let Reporting Guru help out at a fraction of this.  Don’t pay someone when you don’t need any reports developed.

We can help with the following:

  • ReportingGuru writes the complex reports
  • ReportingGuru does the database programming if necessary
  • ReportingGuru integrates multiple applications or locations together if necessary
  • ReportingGuru shows you exactly what was done so you and your staff can learn

You Can Feel Confident That The Job Is Being Done Right Because of…

  • We believe the key to success is utilizing a proper Project Management System to manage all Communication, Tasks, Requirements…etc.  It is key to have a system that retains all domain knowledge about your project.
  • We believe in understanding the business requirements of your projects.
  • We believe in a Phased approach to successfully solving your issues.  Instead of doing everything at once, let’s make sure we going in the correct direction.
  • Customer QA & Acceptance Of Each Phase Of The Project

You Will Come To Expect:

  • Professionals & Quality Development
  • Attention To Industry Standard Practices
  • Being Good Stewards Of Our Clients Time & Money
  • Advice On Both Long Term And Short Term Cost Effectiveness

Submit a request for your BIRT Report Demo or Analysis today! Or Call 1-800-921-4759 For More Information

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