Are you looking for Crystal Developers to build custom Crystal Reports?

Reporting Guru can provide the Crystal Developers you need to write the custom crystal reports you need.  No matter what ERP you are using, we can help.

In this video, Kristin shows how to create a Date Range Parameter in Crystal Reports

Questions to be answered for Crystal Developers to build reports:

  1. What ERP is being used?  What is the database?
  2. Is Crystal Reports embedded in the application?  Are their existing custom Crystal Reports (.rpt files)?  Where are the files located?
  3. Does Crystal Developer come with the ERP or will it need to be purchased separately?
  4. Are there special drivers that are needed to connect Crystal Reports to the ERP database?
  5. Can the reports be published back into the ERP so that end users can view the reports within the ERP?
  6. Do you have report specifications?  A Word Document, PDF, Excel…etc
  7. How important is formatting?  Formatting can be time intensive.
  8. Will the reports be printed to a PDF or exported to Excel?  Sizing is important as different variations of the report may need to be built.

Why Hire full time Crystal Developers?

Most companies need a certain number of reports built.  After that, they don’t need someone full time.  There may be occasional needs every week or month, but it certainly isn’t 40 hours worth of work.

Reporting Guru has Crystal Developers that can write your custom reports as needed.  We do not charge minimums and do not have a retainer.  To discuss your Crystal Developer needs or business requirements, give us a call at 1-800-921-4759, fill out our contact form, or email us at

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