What to look for when finding Crystal Reports Developers

Communication, Communication, Communication.  Did I say communication?  When it comes to Crystal Report Development, you need someone who will communicate with you.  Crystal Reports Development is an iterative process:

  1. Gather Reporting Requirements = Here is an article we wrote on the process
  2. Develop the reports in Crystal
  3. Geed feedback
  4. Apply changes based upon feedback
  5. Republish the report
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 until the end user signs off on the report

How could you possible do this with someone that doesn’t communicate well?

Crystal Reports Developers Tools

SAP owns Crystal Reports.  To develop Crystal Reports, there are 3 key pieces:

  1. Crystal Reports =  The development environment in which the reports are developed
  2. A place to publish the reports = This could be Crystal Server or potentially an application that uses Crystal Reports as their report engine.
  3. Query Tool = Many times it makes the report development process faster if there is a tool that can be used to easily write queries in to query the database.  Some examples are SQL Management Studio, TOAD, ..etc.

Here is a good video in which one of our Crystal Reports Developers (Kristin) shows how to build a Balance Sheet in Crystal Reports.  She uses SQL Management Studio for the queries then puts them into Crystal Reports.

Hire full time Crystal Reports Developers or Pay as Needed?

Nine times out of ten, companies don’t need a full time Crystal Reports Developer.  Typically there is a set of reports that need to be built in the beginning, but after that there may just be a few reports or modifications needed here and there.  Why pay someone full time if they are ally aren’t needed after the first month or two?

Reporting Guru can be your Crystal Reports Developers as needed with no minimums.  Whether you have existing reports that need to be modified, want new reports setup, or need a complete reporting infrastructure implemented, give us a call at 1-800-921-4759 ,  fill out our contact form, or send an email to

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