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Do you need Crystal Reports help? Despite how easy they make it sound to write your own reports, not everyone thinks in terms of 1’s and 0’s and greater than, less than and equal ‘to’.

Many find that once they’ve gone through the motions of writing a few reports, it becomes old hat but for some people, that struggle is rather frustrating. Whether it’s frustrating because you can’t get past an error message or report coming back with ‘0 records found’ or because you just can’t wrap your head around the basic directions you can get help.

Getting Crystal Reports Help

You can find help by searching through a knowledgebase, asking questions on a forum, fiddling through a manual, and searching online for your specific query. You can also utilize a support service. A support service can help you specifically and this can save you time and effort. It will probably cost you money but in the long run, you might decide that it’s worth the return on investment to get custom help straight away.

Custom Crystal Reports Help you and your team make wiser business moves.

As time progresses with using this reporting tool, you’ll become somewhat of an expert. That is of course, if you decide to keep at it and continue to read up and familiarize yourself with it so you can become an expert. Some people just find that they aren’t built for data analysis and just don’t enjoy it. In that case, it might be very prudent to secure the professional services of a reporting consultant who can rescue you from the depths of data prison and simply get you the data you need all packaged up pretty with a perfectly tied bow.

What are some of the common questions new users have with Crystal Reports?


People are often confused about licensing issues. They don’t know if they can share their Crystal Reports license with another user. The product is licensed per named user and if it comes with a particular product as an OEM version, it can’t be transferred to a different product. If your company needs several copies, you may be eligible for a volume licensing agreement and discounts plus if you need a new version of Crystal Reports, an upgrade license is something you’re probably eligible for which will save you substantially over buying a net new copy. It’s important to review the EULA to be sure you’re in compliance with any software publisher’s terms.


People often have questions about compatibility with particular programs. This product supports a wide variety of data programs and when you purchase it, you can get pre-sales support so you are assured that you’re buying something that will do what you need it to do.


People are also often in need of training so that they can effectively write reports on their own. Basic functions of the program are quite easy to master with a bit of practice but you might need help and training is available to help you either as self-paced training or via a classroom experience with a training consultant experienced with report writing.

You might want information on how to get more advanced reporting out of this tool as well in which case getting Crystal reports help from a professional consultant could prove very beneficial.

At Reporting Guru IT Reporting Services our developers will be happy to discuss your requirements at no charge. We work only as needed and we do not charge a retainer and there is no minimum charge. If you would like a free analysis or demo, give us a call at 1-800-921-4759 or fill out our contact form.

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