Does your company need Crystal Reports Help?

In this video, Kristin shows how to build a Crystal Reports Sub-report.

A company may have an application that utilizes Crystal Reports as their report engine, so they may need Crystal Reports Help to create custom reports.  Crystal Reports enables users with applications and databases (such as SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Pervasive, ..etc) to create nicely-formatted reports, regardless of which type of database one is using.  When building Crystal Reports or seeking Crystal Reports Help, there are considerations.  We discuss a few in this article.

There are programmers and there are report developers.  There is a difference as programmers typically don’t understand the business requirements that are needed to successfully work with someone to get the data in a report that is needed.  When seeking Crystal Reports Help, make sure that you get a company with true report developers.

The beauty of correctly designed Crystal Reports is that the end user can run the report themselves by choosing the correct parameters (or filters) to get the exact data they need.  Then, there is no need to export data to Excel, format, and deliver the report.  The report consumer can run the report on demand which saves time and money

Crystal Reports can be exported in various formats like Excel or to a PDF.  It is very important to understand how the report consumer wants to see the final report.  Sometimes it is necessary to develop different reports for the different type of formats needed.  Example: If the report will be printed, it important to develop the report to export to a PDF.

Formatting in Crystal Reports is not always as easy as it may appear and can be very time consuming.  So, it is important that the report consumer is up front about the format expectations.  Is formatting and look and feel very important?  Is only the raw data important?

One last major consideration with Crystal Reports is subreports.  Subreports are essentially another report in itself.  If a Crystal Report has 3 subreports, then that is really 4 reports total (main report plus 3 subreports).  Subreports also greatly add to the complexity of a report.

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