Crystal Reports is an application used in designing and generation of reports from wide range of data sources. A good Crystal Reports Writer will always add value to a company. It is thus crucial for any company to get a Crystal Reports Writer that understands the business requirements so that a solid technical solution can be obtained.

A Crystal Report Writer must clearly understand several things when beginning a report. Some basics are:
1. know the audience
2. understand the data that needs to be displayed
3. understand where the data is stored
4. understand how much detail needs to be presented to the user.

Here are some general tips to help be the best Crystal Reports Writer possible:
1. If the report needs to be written against a single database, the data explorer needs to be set to only tables and views that are owned by the database being queried. This saves you from having to sort through all other irrelevant data sources which hurts performances and potentially confuses the output.
2. Templatize and reuse reports!! It is always much easier to start out with an existing report that is similar to what is needed and just modify it.
3. Be careful when linking data in your report. Make sure you clearly understand the difference between the different types of joins used to connect tables together.

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