Quite often, we have clients that come to us that want Custom Quickbooks reports which they cannot get from within Quickbooks itself.  Or, maybe they want web based Quickbooks reports.  What if there are multiple Quickbooks files in which data needs to be combined into one report (Cash Balances, Aging, ..etc)?

We give a high level overview of the architecture in this post as well as the video below.

General Architecture of Custom Quickbooks Reports

Unfortunately, getting data in and out of Quickbooks is not that easy.  It uses a file based system (company file)  which requires a driver to connect to it and read/write data.  The best way to setup the architecture is:

  • Pull the data into a normal relational database (SQL Server, MySQL, ..etc) .  This can be scheduled as well as run on demand / as needed.
  • Once the data is in a database, you can then write queries to interact with the data
  • Any report development environment (SSRS, Crysta, BIRTl..etc) can connect to the database and produce reports.  SQL Server Reporting Services Express (SSRS Express) is a good option since the database and web based reporting environment are available for free.

Reporting Guru can help with your Quickbooks reporting needs.  Whether you have existing reports that need to be modified, want new reports setup, or need a complete reporting infrastructure implemented, give us a call at 1-800-921-4759 ,  fill out our contact form, or send an email to

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