SAGE / Peachtree is accounting software that is similar to Quickbooks.  It is a desktop client that is installed on a windows PC / Server.  It has all your typical accounting functionality like Invoicing, Accounts Receivable…etc.

SAGE comes with a set of canned reports, but companies ALWAYS need to produce Custom Sage Reports / Dashboards / KPIs to get the business / accounting metrics they need.  This could be Inventory, Sales, P&L statements, Purchase Order Reports….

SAGE uses a Pervasive SQL database which stores the data.  To get data out of SAGE and produce custom reports, you need to connect the database and extract data in a useful way.  Connecting to the database may require the proper database drivers.

There are various ways to get custom reports within SAGE:

Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports is a reporting tool that can be used to connect and produce custom reports from SAGE.  ****NOTE: Sage will be discontinuing (sunsetting) support for Crystal Reports in 2015.

Here’s a video that Kristin with Reporting Guru did that shows how to connect Crystal Reports to SAGE:

SAGE Business Intelligence

This is SAGE reporting directly in Excel.  This was introduces in 2011 and allow you to refresh you data directly in Excel.

Cloud / Web Based Reporting

Reporting Guru offers a cloud reporting system for SAGE.  This allows user to access their reports from anywhere on any device after securely logging in.  No more running reports, emailing, and rerunning reports.  Let users securely login to run the reports / dashboards they need to see from any device / anywhere.

Let Reporting Guru Help

No matter how you want to produce your custom SAGE Reports, we can help:

  • No more copy / pasting / editing or reformatting.  All Reports are saved and can be reran with the click of a button.
  • With just clicking a button, think about how much more accurate and free of errors your reports will be.

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