Reporting tools often offer some basic canned reports but you might want something more custom. Crystal Reports is a popular reporting solution because of its scalability and customization features. It works with so many products and many users find that they’re able to easily write their own ad hoc reports in very little time.

Business intelligence is vital today. That’s why there are so many products that can help you get data from your databases. By pulling knowledge from your systems you can forecast, plan, grow and change your business. This can help you stay afloat and evolve with the changing business tide. As boring as data mining might sound, the results are actually exciting because you can see your business’s pluses and deltas and today’s business reporting tools make it a breeze to grab any piece of information you need.

There are a lot of Crystal Reports products available including:

*Crystal Reports Server Edition
*Crystal Reports Viewer
*Crystal Reports Visual Advantage
*Crystal Reports for Visual Studio
*Crystal Reports for Eclipse
*Crystal Xcelsius
* Crystal Reports Starter Edition

A starter edition can be tried out for free so you can see what this program can do for your business and once you’re ready for some enhanced functions or for some more robust custom Crystal Reports you can get a low cost professional edition priced monthly at a great fee for ten or more users.

Every business can benefit from business intelligence advisors.

Being able to run and share reports can be very helpful for your business and getting customized reports can help you as a contributor shine and as a business owner learn to grow and evolve.

Those who strive for excellence in business are not complacent. The best way to continue to evolve is to analyze your business so you can see where your strength and weaknesses are. You might also need reporting for a parent company, for your financial records and for potential investors.

Business intelligence can help you stay ahead of the curve and outperform your competition and having access to custom reports can help you continue to drill down through every nook and cranny in your business to improve the business overall.
Crystal Reports is very user friendly. A bit of training can help users be self-sufficient in no time and enable them to run their own reports and customize those reports as needed. This software solution has evolved over the last several years and continued to increase its user base. Many experts consider it to be the industry standard in terms of user generated reporting that can help a business in many ways.

In some cases you might need expertise beyond your current level of knowledge. There are consultancy firms that can help you with implementation, custom Crystal Reports, training and other help.

Reporting Guru is a Reporting Services Company.  When you need custom reports in: SQL, .NET, Crystal, BIRT, Excel, Pivot, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Open Source Reporting Software or more. Our experienced data report writers and developers take your report & business requirements to build the reports you need. We deliver reports on demand or on a timed schedule – always on time & when you need them.

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