SAP® Crystal Reports Software allows companies and businesses to design and build reports from virtually any data source. The software can connect to various data sources creating fast and accurate interactive reports.


  • Solid Software from SAP – “The Best-Run Business Run SAP”
  • SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design Integration(formerly Xcelsius Engage)
  • Adobe Flex Integration
  • Parameter Panel
  • Interactive report viewing
  • Flash Integration
  • Powerful crosstabs
  • Flexible pagination
  • Enhanced Web services data driver
  • Build-in barcode support
  • Enhanced Designer Features
  • Multilingual Reporting
  • Hyperlinking wizard
  • Integrated driver
  • Improved XML exporting


Vast amounts of data can be easily converted into meaningful insight with the right software. SAP® Crystal solutions are designed to help provide your business with accurate reports.

SAP® Crystal Solutions are designed to help you provide fast answers to critical business questions, track performance against objectives and identify opportunities early enough to profit from them.

SAP® Crystal Reports allow businesses to:

    • Leverage professional reporting
    • Empower end users to explore reports with on-report sorting and parameters
    • Minimize IT efforts with interactive reports
    • Save Valuable Report Design Time

Is SAP® Crystal The Right Fit?

SAP® Crystal Reports is used by companies world wide. This software is flexible and easily adaptable into a variety of businesses. Amusement park operating companies, manufacturing, real estate, NCIS, & many more use this software to generate fast accurate reports. The ability to easily connect to various virtual data sources and create data mashup reports is cited as a critical feature of this software.

Talk to ReportingGuru about your business reporting needs, we can help you select the best software for your specific needs.

We do not represent SAP® and will work on your behalf to find the software that best fits your business needs, reporting requirements, and budget.

From the Source

ReportingGuru is not a representative of SAP® Crystal Solutions Software. For more information about how SAP® Crystal can fit your business call Reporting Guru at: 1-800-921-4759 or fill out our contact form.

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