After installation, SharePoint is fairly intuitive to setup some basic pages and content. However, inevitably, SharePoint Customization will be needed which can quickly become overwhelming. The may be custom lists, custom workflows, custom document management, or even an entire custom application within SharePoint.

Types of SharePoint Customization

SharePoint customization occurs at different levels. Pages and Sites can be customized directly in the web browser to change the look and feel, layout, and most importantly the content. It is important for nontechnical users to be able to update and maintain content in their SharePoint websites.

A medium level of difficulty for SharePoint customization requires using a tool such as SharePoint Designer or InfoPath Designer. SharePoint Designer is free to download.  Typically this is customization of the look and feel or some simple web based collection forms.

If custom SharePoint applications or custom web parts are needed, then custom .NET code will need to written utilizing Visual Studio. SharePoint is all written in aspx pages, so customization is just an extension of the current language. SharePoint also has API’s that can be utilized.

Reporting Guru can help with!!

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