SQL better known as structured query language is a programming language aimed at managing data held in relational database management systems. It dates back to the 1970s where in new database software was created in IBM laboratories.

The SQL developments have improved the standards over the last few years. It has seen the introduction of great enhancements such as support for XML, regular expression matching, triggers, standardized sequences and recursive queries.

Database file storage or index behavior is in many cases not well defined and needs to be properly designed. Tables should be designed for application data storage as well as reporting purposes.

Several elements form the basis of the SQL language. All language commands are executed through a specific SQL command line for the convenience of SQL developers. SQL development is performed by executing queries.  The SQL queries enable one to search through the database for required information.

Another feature is the SQL sub query. These are nested queries which can offer results of one query to another query via an aggregation of functions or a relational operator.

The missing information in a relational model is handled by the null concept. NULL is a reversed keyword usually used in identification of the Null special marker. The comparisons with null in the where clause will always result in an unknown truth value. Only true values will be given by SQL in select statements leaving out the false and unknown values.

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