SQL Report Writing can be a challenging task. A SQL Reports Writer must have the following technical knowledge in order to prepare an effective report:

SQL Report Writing also requires good communication skills along with a general understanding of business practices. The Report Writer must be able to gather requirements from end users so that report specifications can be created.  It is important to understand what is desired from a report and what it will be used for.  Screen shots, mock-ups etc., are very helpful.

After the specifications are created, the technical work begins for the SQL Report Writer.  A data set must be created and connected to the database.  You can embed your SQL in the dataset, but Reporting Guru recommends that you connect the dataset to a database object such as a view or stored procedure.  Creating a view or stored procedure with your SQL gives you the flexibility of then being able to reuse it on other SSRS reports, Crystal Reports etc.

Now that you have your dataset, it is time to create the report itself.  This is a matter of putting the proper columns onto the report palette.  You can use different SSRS objects such as a matrix or chart.  You can also add complex logic for calculating columns, hiding, etc, but again, Reporting Guru recommends that you put as much logic as possible in the SQL.

Finally, after the report is complete, you must publish the RDL file to the report server which is essentially a web portal.  This allows other users to conveniently view and run the report you created from a web page.

Good luck with SQL Report Writing and remember that getting help is always a click away!!

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