SQL Server is one type of database that holds data used in applications.  If your application uses SQL Server, you will need a good SQL Server Developer to get the data out of your database in a useful way.  What good is having an application to input data if you can’t get the metrics out of it you need?

There may also be the need to combine or integrate the data in your application with another application.  For example, your Point of Sale data may need to combined with your Accounting data, or your CRM data may need to be combined with Operational data.  SQL Server Development can help you get the data the way you need it.

One key component of having a good SQL Server Developer is understanding the business requirements.  It is one thing to have all the technical skills but if one does not know how to communicate properly, it leads to an incorrect end result and complete frustration.  A good SQL Server Developer will communicate back and forth with the end user to properly gather and aggregate all necessary data out of SQL Server tables.

No matter what type of SQL Server Developer you need, Reporting Guru can help. To discuss your needs or business requirements, give us a call at 1-800-921-4759, fill out our contact form, or email us at

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