Microsoft SQL Server is a complex product that often requires help from a professional. Understanding tables, versions, cost, performance, architecture, hosting, application logic,…etc can be overwhelming. This article gives some general information about SQL Server help so that you can at least have some idea of what help to ask for.

At its core, MS SQL server basically is a database management system which stores data. It runs on different platforms such as large servers or small laptops. There are numerous tools that help to maintain database whether they come with the software or a made by a 3rd party vender.

Some general information about SQL Server:

SQL Server Editions – There are various editions to SQL server and a user has to choose the one that suits his needs. For free database management, a user may choose the Compact or Express edition. Also, there is an Evaluation edition which allows the user to try SQL Server for around 180 days.

Stored procedures – They are of great value to programmers when working on databases. A programmer can make a procedure function from either the SQL Server management Studio (SSMS) or any other application and this is based on their needs. The benefits of the stored procedures are numerous, storing logic in one place so that it can be reused, enhanced performance, security, …etc.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) – This comes with SQL Server Standard edition and can be used to automate integration with other data sources such as flat files, FTP, Excel, other databases…etc.

Logins – SQL Server helps in developing user logins for every person who wants to access the server. Based on the needs of the user, the logins can be put in place to enable access.

Database Schema – This is a means of grouping the works and data as a container. Users can be assigned permission to a single schema in order to access only the ones that they are allowed to.

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