For the corporate data analyst, the database administrator or the business intelligence manager, there are certain tools that make the SQL services report designer’s job easier. The following are the database management tools that are proven to be the most reliable. Here’s the 5 great SQL report designer tools.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    The SQL Server admin has a complex job, especially when it comes to building the SQL report database, the one that allows all employees to receive specific scaled data that helps them make important management decisions relating to sales, operations, cost control and more. So one of the most useful tools and administrator can use is a Microsoft freeware app known as SQL Server Management Studio. Windows OS users find the app straightforward; and feature like the object Explorer allows you to browse, select and perform tasks easily with the database objects. This is the one tool that works best for creating and administering Microsoft SQL report designs.

  2. Navicat
    SQL services report designers also find the Navicat application for MySQL useful. This app is part of the cross-platform apps working with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Made by PremiumSoft, what makes this app interesting is its visual query builder, which is an ideal solution for report designers needing to create complex database queries. Armed with this tool administrators can create complex queries quickly as well as import, export or backup the information to the database. It offers an easy report builder, making printed statistics easy for management to understand. Another useful feature is the tasks that Julian assistant, which helps admins organize their SQL report system tasks. There is both the light and the premium version, where the premium works with front end Oracle and PostgreSQL.

  1.  Sequel Pro
    This useful tool is for Mac fond users as it gives them an open source MySQL database management tool for the OS X system. The dashboard is attractive and intuitive but best of all is this tool is bare-bones, making it easy to navigate.

  1. SQLyog
    SQLyog is an administrative tool for the my SQL server. There is both an enterprise and free community version. The benefits in using this administrative tool is it allows you to organize them MySQL data and reporting needs to the company’s customer requirements.

  2. phpMyAdmin
    PhpMyAdmin is probably the most used and popular of the SQL database management tools. This is the open source web-based tool available to anyone at no cost. Although, it has a very simplistic GUI, one that’s not very attractive, don’t let it fool you, phpMyAdmin gets the job done. It allows you to create, and manage the database in a variety of ways. You can create tables, DB users and optimize the different types of data inclusions. One of its greatest features is that it allows you to check for errors in your DB code, run queries, and import or export data in as many file formats as you can think of. Add to that, the fact that it’s a streamlined application that is quick and easy to install, and you got extremely favored database report making tool.

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