A Key Element for Startup Marketing – Big-Data


Call it what you will, an inspiration or just a hunch, but that idea that comes from nowhere, sometimes ends up being one of the greatest business idea of the decade or even the century. That ‘s the power of creative business ideas. But startups pop up all the time and whether they flourish, flounder or fail depends on the business decisions you make during the growth stage. It is these decisions that must be based on effective database report writing services.

Founding ideas have often been just good hunches. And in the past, some were further developed based on trial and error decisions – while others…well, let’s just say they didn’t last long in the business world; then came along the age of technology, and along with it, information…and tons of it. Today, this is known as big-data, and it is a major influencing factor in the growth of any business. The effective use of big data gives any small business a substantial competitive footing and serious traction in the race for marketing prowess, providing it knows how to use IT report services to scale that data to the decision making needs.

How a Startup Can Quickly Gain Traction and Growth?

New tools and analytical skill sets allow for smart companies of any size to get a precise understanding of any consumer market, growth trend, operational development or customer base. Any company that isn’t using statistics from big-data is falling behind, as guess decision making just doesn’t offer the precision of statistically based decisions. Now, more than ever,  a startup needs effective decision-making skills, and these can only come from research and data analysis. Decisions based on a solid studied framework such as this, are more effective than those that aren’t; and for a new business, this can be a make or break situation.

The modern business environment is a dynamic one, requiring fast decisionsand changes, especially when it comes to those that refer to marketing. So it is imperative for startups to use data quickly to understand the ever changing market trends, risks and opportunities.

Where Can a Startup Find Inexpensive Data?

Data from platforms like Facebook and twitter offer reliable barometers for marketing opportunities. Because there is an increased availability of on-demand resources, startups can create complex computing applications and IT reports that process big data  inexpensively. This scalable data placed in virtualized environments changes the way a small company with limited resources can mobilize information. All you need, is to access the data, then structure it using special data tools, customized reports and database programs. These help your team analyze and engage with the data quickly, giving them easy to assimilate statistics on anything from, up-sell patterns to product trials and customer trends. It is this information that helps you monetize on marketing efforts even from the earliest stages. Data gives your team a clear visibility of what aspects of the marketing mix work with your customers and allows you to make effective changes quickly.

The following steps can help startups understand and use data more efficiently:

  1. Find better data. Even as a startup you can improve your chances of success by making better decisions, and these come from the use of better data. How do you get this data? Use on-demand big-data access services and data that is available publicly, as this offers excellent that that at a minimal cost.
  2. Figure out what you’re doing right and where you could use improvement.
  3. Get the tools you need to extract information from the public sources. Data monitoring, custom reports and databases can help you identify patterns, markets and new opportunities.

Bottom Line

Although the use of big-data and database report writing services are crucial for your marketing decisions, it is also important in other areas of your business. For instance, one of the most important uses of big data is to substantiate your request for funding, whether you’re pitching to corporate angels, venture capitalists or banks, a strong foundation of data statistics will help convince your backers.

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