Delivering the Goods or Just Empty Promises?


Delivering the Goods or Just Empty Promises? Most people believe getting from point A to point B sounds pretty straightforward, and in most cases it is. But in the world of business, there are a myriad of obstacles, logistics problems, operational issues, marketing costs and other facets that affect this trajectory. Transportation costs, legal requirements fuel consumption, maintenance costs, product development expenses and customer service quality all influence the bottom line, and ultimately this trajectory. So, there may come a time, when the report server database you use offers you no clear sight past these obstacles. It’s at this moment; you might need to think of a data report scaling solution. Most businesses simply turn to their nearest top-tier business intelligence analyst vendor to try to get these scaling solutions. However, there are times when a best in class is not always the best fit.

Simple Solutions for Startups May Not Work Later On

In the beginning, a small business may work well with simple Excel spreadsheet data taken from server database. But, as business requirements grow, so does the company’s use of data and data solutions. What was once efficient data reporting methods that worked efficiently, now no longer work – and that is when the use of data can quickly become fragmented and management or employees won’t be able to find particular details or metrics.

Even when a company has an initial data metrics database in place, over time employees, IT personnel and management can apply filters and exceptions, which produces different pictures, different reports for different parts of the business. A solution might be to set a goal of having a single version of all data in an easy report structure enabling better business intelligence, reporting and analysis.

Top-tier BI software

Your initial decision might be to invite specialized BI vendors to present their software. However, some of these solutions can be extremely expensive, with price tags that move well into the millions of dollars. Faced with this option, it may be extremely difficult to convince board members of the need for this business intelligence solution, as even companies that can afford it, often see it as an unnecessary expense.

Open Source BI Tools

A more feasible solution used by many, is to implement sql reporting services or custom database integration solutions. This solution may not have all the bells and whistles of a top proprietary business intelligence solution but it can form the core tasks of a specific company needs. Besides open source database development offers easier construction and deconstruction methodology for future development needs.

In other words, by working with a business intelligence vendor that customizes your database and reporting requirements you can build your own strategic system that scales the information the way you want to.

What to Look For in a BI Consultant?

As you can see, selecting the right business intelligence analyst who can offer adequate SQL reporting services is very important. You’ll need to check the types of service, the experience and the level of support this type of firm offers. Important services could include:

  • Software Implementation
  • Added Database Needs
  • Training
  • Additional Support

Consider whether the BI analyst has specific experience in your type of business, database or software use. Remember the right analysts will take the time to learn your existing infrastructure and challenges, then find data base and reporting solutions based on your current infrastructure.

Bottom line

Whether you decide to use top-tier, out-of-the-box software, database infrastructures and reporting software; or decide to use open source SQL reporting services or resources that customize your existing SQL database scale your data into usable reports for the entire company, is really up to you. Whatever choice you make, you should first consult with the right type of business intelligence analyst.

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