How do you find a great business objects consultant? There are a lot of consultancy firms available that offer to help you get your reporting needs taken care of. They’ll offer a myriad of services such as:

*Hosted reporting
*Data integration
*Report conversion
*Application development
*Consulting services
*And more.

You can find individuals and businesses who want you to deal with them for their expertise. They might sell you products, provide consultancy and provide professional services going forward as well. How do you find the right business objects consultant to deal with?

It can be difficult to find good help when there’s so much help available. You could do several things to help you find the right company or individual to deal with:

-Ask around.  Talk to other business contacts and see who is using who and find out whether or not they’re happy about it.

-Put out an RFQ.  An RFQ (request for quotation) can get some interest for your business and instead of you doing all the leg work trying to find different companies to get quotes from, they’ll come to you and offer their services. Put out a basic request for quotation and see who comes back with what. Or, offer a very detailed tender listing all that you want and then see who can deliver and at what price.

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It’s important to note that along with everything else in life, price isn’t always going to be the sole deciding factor in which consultant or consultancy firm you’ll use. While it’s true that you often do get what you pay for the most expensive service provider isn’t necessarily the best either. Take your time to look at the solution offerings, business portfolio and presentation of services offered before making a decision. Don’t hesitate to check into the background of the company.

It’s always a good idea to start off with a new company on a trial basis to ensure that they can do what you need. If you’re looking for reporting consultancy services, you might start off with a small aspect of your business before having a full blown analysis done that will cost you money. That analysis can definitely change the way you do business and benefit your company significantly but you want to be sure you’ve got the right expert advising you on what to do next.

Finding a company that can help you make the most of your data through robust tools like Business Objects can definitely have a positive impact on your business. Your Business Objects Consultant could help you become a leading provider in your industry, if you’re not already there and if you are there, the consultant can help you continue to stay ahead of the curve so that your business continues to be successful despite changing tides and economic slumps.

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