Gain A Competitive Edge by Focusing on One of the Business Value Disciplines


Today, most successful organizations, either consciously or unconsciously, focus on one of the three important business value disciplines: customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence or Product Innovation. In some cases a company focuses on more than one of these values, which many analysts say is a more strategic market, still, even companies that dedicate themselves to only one of these disciplines, sees significant success over those that have no focus.

Customer Intimacy

For many, the value of choice is customer intimacy. Companies that use data, and SQL server reporting services to focus on their customer base, increase their revenue and offer better service, see a much better return on investment than those that only focus on sales and marketing. Some organizations become so committed to sales and marketing that they lose sight of keeping customers happy. Integrating Customer Intelligence reporting services into your organization is a good way to put your customers first and focus on meeting their needs again. But it may not be enough, you shouldn’t forget other activities like warranty processing services, call center management and after market service. Nevertheless, to offer quality services in these areas your IT department needs to strategically plan and implement the SQL reporting services, so they offer the different departments the information they need to offer this support.

Operational Excellence and Product Innovation

In the case of the other two disciplines, Operational Excellence and Product Innovation, these often support Customer Intimacy, and should integrate with your customer oriented strategy. Operational excellence should offer quality and manufacturing flexibility, elements influenced by the customer experience.

To obtain important information that affect both product innovation and excellence, business managers might build up their customer base, implement SQL reporting services and a feedback loop that could help other areas like production or even product design.

Switching the focus from a primary focus of production to customer experience first, could give management insight into innovation and more effective operational excellence. Customers could even support this new product innovation through brand management processes and possibly even social media.

Bottom Line

The key takeaway for any business trying to align its SQL report writing services to make more informed decisions is that it should first focus on one of these three values, then orient the data and the reporting services towards the value they choose to follow. Once implemented the other values will follow; ultimately, giving your business that competitive edge it needs.  However, the strategic value you decide to go with needs to be followed by the entire organization. You can’t have one department varying into another area when others have a defined focus. For instance, if you become customer centric, then you can’t have operations continually making up long production runs if your customer relationship strategy has been planned for responsiveness.

Whatever value you decide to focus on, each offers enough focus around which an organization can rally around. But the success of such a focus requires the alignment of the entire organization.

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