Microsoft SharePoint Customization – What’s It Good For?


Nothing comes close to the amazing control and flexibility that can be achieved by implementing Microsoft SharePoint Customization to your business. Apart from the excellent web 2.0 features such as blogs and wikis in particular, there are myriad other functions that will allow you to aggregate and share information to authorized parties, quickly and safely.  Furthermore, you can look forward to expansion via the SharePoint server functionality through the integration of additional web parts that can be specifically chosen for your business and industry. If this doesn’t convince you immediately of the power of the technology, why not peruse our list of Microsoft SharePoint Customization facts to help make that decision just a little but easier for you?

  • Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider integrating Microsoft SharePoint Customizations in your business today:
  • You will easily be able to copy, create, delete and/or rename items like lists, libraries, pages, sites and various web parts.
  • The issues of user permissions will be a thing of the past. With SharePoint Customizations, you can effortlessly manage these permissions and retain the ability to view document and page version histories.
  • Definition control will be yours for the taking. Manage both definitions and properties for lists, libraries, pages and sites, along with web parts.
  • Utilize the awesome power of a web based administrative interface. Since Microsoft SharePoint customization is grounded in a complete web application framework, businesses in various industries will be able to manage data, documents and files, while helping all involved departments coordinate activities succinctly.
  • At the core of Microsoft SharePoint Customization, is the technologies inherent information management capability. As an information management tool, SharePoint comprises all the features you will ever need to share information between multi-location teams and departments, without fear of loss, infiltration or corruption.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Customization allows you to take advantage of three distinctly powerful and vital technologies: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer (MOSD). This will give you a stable and multifaceted platform through which you can create interactive reports, with consistency that will be appreciated throughout your organization.
  • Need to export data for hardcopy analysis and presentations? No problem at all! Microsoft SharePoint Customization allows you to quickly and accurately export housed date to excel sheets for modification and viewing, and from there you can print as necessary. You are not a slave to the system!

Research shows that employs are liable to spend as much as 50% of their day doing something that should take them mere seconds, with the right systems in place; searching for data! Through Microsoft SharePoint Customization, you will enjoy a dramatic reduction in this percentage.  With truly robust search functionality, no bit of data or information is ever far from the grasp of the technology’s capability. Over time, businesses will accrue hundreds of thousands of files, and while some can be considered obsolete, others are imperative to the daily work. Get info to the necessary parties faster = a heightened state of productivity.

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