Project Server Development is essentially the natural evolution of personalizing your use of Microsoft Office Project. Why is this important to any business that uses the program? Well, on its own, in its most organic form, Project Server is an excellent suite of tools that can help businesses manage their projects efficiently. But within its functionality, is the capacity to be flexible and accommodating of every business’s size, niches and expectations. Project Server Development has been an ongoing occurrence, and qualified, experienced developers have created hundreds and thousands of solutions that utilize the architecture of Microsoft Office Project. What’s great is that this development doesn’t stop here – there are many more ways that Project Server Development can occur, and you should be on board and fluent in its use if you want your business to develop as well. Business development and Project Server Development, literally go hand in hand. But when exactly can this development be implemented? When can you tweak Project Server to get the most out of it for your unique business needs?

Demand Management Synopses

Project proposals and portfolio analyses together form one of the largest areas for new development in demand management. Customization and development can be applied to items such as workflows, web parts and even project detail pages for every individual organization, as well as for every department within any organization.  A primary benefit of Project Server is its ability to create templates that can be customized for the various life cycles of different project genres. These life cycles can be represented by different project proposal types, or what are known as EPTs (Enterprise Project Templates).

Construct Web Pages to Submit Proposals

A PDP or Project Detail Page, is one of the most fundamental parts of Project Server Development. This page is able t encapsulate information in such a way that is comprehensive and utilizes a user-friendly interface. PDPs are grounded in the SharePoint platform and as a result, they can also be sourced in Project Web App, resulting in a comfortable and familiar user experience. Creation of a PDP for a project proposal is inclusive of the addition of SharePoint & Project Server web parts, capturing custom fields in other web parts while relying on the standard ones, and finally, but very importantly, customization of the PDP layout.

Project Life Cycle Definition

Through various stages and phases, you will be able to experience a transparent difference between each section via a Project Life Cycle. During the creation of phases and stages, you will be able to define the project’s life cycle, create definitions for every stage throughout said life cycle, and manifest workflow compliance in-between stages. What’s even best, is that you can use the workflow to help users open related documents for said project life cycle.

These are just a few things that you can look forward to, when you explore the vast opportunities that Project Server Development can bring to your business table. Why not get a Project Server Development consultation today?

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