Travel Industry: Where Is It Headed in the Future?

As a traveler of any kind you have probably seen the extensive use of project server development and the exceptional use of SQL server consultant services throughout the industry. From the moment you book your flight or reservation the company you work with starts to make good use of its analytics. Do I book now? Look again later? Tomorrow or next week? That’s how often prices fluctuate and these fluctuations occur because of the travel company´s of its report services.

The Use of the SQL Server Data System

One minute you may get a certain price and even an hour later you could beat your original price. But, even with these fluctuations of 10, 20 or 30 percent the booking company doesn’t lose a dime, all thanks to the use of great SQL reporting techniques.

This activity known as price optimization though enough for travel companies to hold a competitive edge, may not be enough to carry the company forward in the future, at least so says Tom Davenport, professor of  Harvard Business School and author of several books on the special use of Analytics in business.

He suggests that even with the current effective use of project server development, travel companies are falling behind and there are other companies that use data reporting in smarter ways. The problem with the travel industry, is not unlike that experienced by many other companies when it comes to their IT operations. The key data is often fragmented across many different reporting systems. It is often spread across flight operations, baggage programs, information databases and even external data sources like social media. Airlines and travel companies need to better combine this information into one data source so it can be recovered easily and team leaders can make better decisions on how to promote offers, and recover from mistakes and failures more efficiently.  They need to combine all information into one data warehouse and optimize their set of data reporting algorithms.

More Efficient Project Management Services

To do this travel companies need to be willing to invest in big-data, project data management and analytics programs so customers can see better benefits across the board.  Travel management is where the problem likes. Big-data and more efficient SQL server consultancy can help the industry transform into better service providers.  Clients, especially those who use analytics such as business travelers know what they want and they are asking for more effective management of corporate travel.

They would like to see analytics so integrated that a consumer need only register and all of the logistics would be loaded into a scheduling application, a program that would deliver an itinerary that would include the flight on your preferred airline, with frequent flyer upgrades already accounted for; the hotel reservation; a reservation for a self-driving car with all of the business travel requirements programmed in; favorite satellite music ready at a moment´s notice; the perfect air conditioning settings for room and car; any dinner reservations you may want, or at the very least dinner suggestions for the city you are visiting.  Oh, and once the trip is finished, well all the analytical data programmed into the perfectly designed SQL reporting system so your expense report is configured automatically.

Although travel companies may currently have their SQL consultancy needs in hand they certainly have a long way to go. I don´t know about you, but I have yet to see a travel company that books, plans, and keeps all of your travel information together. One that drives you to your destination plans your meals and offers the types of entertainment you like. That’s where SQL server consultant reporting needs to head in the future for the travel industry.

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