What Can An OLAP Developer Do For You?


Do you need to hire an OLAP developer? An online analytical processing consultant can help you manage your data and can help you with your business. If you’re not getting business intelligence expertise and access to individuals that can help you do more with your raw data, there has never been a better time to get help. There are tools and processes and methodologies available today that can help you increase productivity, reduce costs and understand more about your core customer. This can all be done through reporting tools.

OLAP developers use various programs from various companies like Hyperion, Oracle, and others and they have various techniques to do their jobs so that they can get you multidimensional data which can help you with various aspects of your business. They populate databases, create reports that extract data, deploy analytics services and more. Today’s world relies on business intelligence whether a company is a large corporation or a small Mom & Pop shop. Information is crucial and getting it from multiple systems doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth.

OLAP Developers Can Help You When You Transition From One System To Another

In a large products business this can be essential. Perhaps you’re moving from Oracle to SAP or implementing an EDI solution or just moving to a bigger and better accounting solution. You’ll need historical data from the old system and data from the new system. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have reporting based on all systems? This could be helpful for product sales reports, customer reports, receiving and shipping transactions and more. You need information and you need it fast and an OLAP developer can help you.

Does your business need OLAP reporting services or other business analysis help?

In the case of a merger and/or acquisition, pulling data from multiple sources can be very necessary and you’ll need an OLAP expert to help you get the data you need quickly so you can make the transition to a new business as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Getting Your OLAP Reporting

Reporting can be provided to you through in-house software, through e-mailed report services or via extranet where you can log in and do user generated reports as needed. Your developer can help you gather data from various areas so that you can improve your business and make decisions about staffing, purchasing, inventory control and more.

Finding a Good OLAP Developer

Finding a good OLAP developer isn’t difficult, but the developer needs to have development skills as well as people skills. While some technical people tend not to be extremely social, that’s not true of OLAP development consultants and teams. These individuals need to be astute communicators so that they can understand what their customers need and communicate effectively to arrive at a conclusion that enables the deliverable to fully meet and exceed the expectation.

Talk to a potential business intelligence consultant or OLAP developer so you know that you can effectively communicate. This will help you ensure that you get the results you want.

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