Over the past few years, companies have seen it fit to streamline their IT functions by downsizing these departments, and investing in smart software. What is smart software? Technological software that serves unique purposes, that is intuitive, user-friendly and typically, running on a web-based interface. As a result of this changing attitude to internalized IT functions, many database administrators have landed the colossal responsibility of processing large numbers of SQL Server databases. In many scenarios, database administrators are thrust into this position de facto. From one internal crisis to the next, many companies put their decreased IT departments under a lot of stress and one area that is significantly affected is that of project management. A plausible and viable option out of this stress, cost-effectively, productively and efficiently is by incorporating an SQL Server Consultant into your fold. An SQL Server Consultant may very well be the answer to your project management and report writing prayers. With the right SQL Server Consultant, your environment can be assessed thoroughly, manage and overall, the potential for crises to occur will become nullified. Here are a few of the most important things you will need from your SQL Server Consultant in order to bring your business back to functional:

Take A Hold Of Your Inventory

Time and time again, DBAs are expected to restore damaged data on various databases. What’s even more cumbersome is that many times, DBAs aren’t even aware of the existence of some of the data they are expected to retrieve. SQL Server Databases tend to sprawl across various enterprises and the DBA team can naturally lose track of what’s swimming in the database cosmos. This can result in databases that go for weeks, months and years without being backed up, without being patched and in general, exist in a state of non-security. Keeping track of your database inventory is made easy however, since there are many tools to help you construct a SQL Server Inventory. Your SQL Server Consultant should be able to convey the best database inventory solution for your company’s needs.

Make Your Maintenance Plan Your Own

As already discussed, the reports and databases that comprise your business, can become very convoluted if they are not managed properly. You can’t merely set up a database or network of information and walk away. Over time, indexes become fragmented and this can cause performance degradation. Statistics may expire and this can lead to poor query plans and in general, poor performance. I/O subsystems can become corrupted and there’s an ever-present need for a sturdy backup system. An SQL Server Consultant that understands these problems knows that the solution simply lies in tailoring a maintenance plan that’s specific to your company’s needs, and to your program usage. Free scripts might be an option, but you don’t really want to trust this important function on some freeware that could be riddled with inadequacies. Trust in the experience of a qualified and experienced SQL Server Consultant, who will bring solutions that are truly legitimate.

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