Where is America Heading with Poor Mathematical Education?


Only a fourth of All Americans understand basic mathematical principles it can be very difficult, even for those in management to understand SQL server help or SQL consulting practices. The average American probably has an easier time discussing American Idol, Law & Order or even the latest CSI episode than they do of chance, probability and odds. This may be why it´s so difficult for people to understand the need for SQL server help, statistics and the need to base decisions on corroborative data these reports create.

Poor Mathematical Standards Cause Personal Finance Issues

At least, that’s what we can understand from all of the studies confirming most Americans have problems even understanding basic math problems. According to a recent study, and SQL consulting project, people who have basic math problems also have difficulty in other areas of their personal finances. For instance, the study shows that poor math abilities also causes poor management of products like mortgages.

According to the study Americans who have problems making a simple division such as 300 by 2, are more likely to end up in a foreclosure than an American with average math capabilities.  This study published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Stephan Meier, an economics expert and professor at Columbia. In the study 339 subprime borrowers who took out loans between 2006 and 2007 were analyzed. The use of SQL consulting services was implemented with the data to control the socio-demographic variables.  After categorizing the data through SQL server help, the authors found that individuals with fewer mathematical capabilities often found themselves more often in delinquency, and some even found themselves in foreclosure.

In the study, the SQL consulting variables were geared toward the answers of a specific set of questions. The question types were mathematical in nature and might have been something like this: “A shop is holding a 50% off sale. Before the sale a sofa set cost $300, what was the price during the sale?” About one in every 8 participants could not answer simple questions of this nature.

Of course, the fact that many Americans have poor math skills doesn’t come as a surprise, but what is of note in this SQL consulting report, is the fact that these poor skills also affect the financial capabilities, and life of many Americans, causing them to have poor credit scores, default on payments and even go into foreclosure.

Most Americans Don’t Understand the Importance of Data

Although, it is true that only a fourth of all American workers need math that is more complicated than simple fractions and percentages to get their jobs done, it does mean that most consumers don’t really understand the idea behind big data, statistics and SQL consulting.

Bottom Line

Because of the importance in statistics in the changing of the way we buy products, groceries, travels, and even in the way we fill our car with gas, statistics, SQL consulting and big-data will be in the media a lot over the next couple of years. This is of major consequence, a major trend that will change the nation. Statistics, SQL server help plays a major role in shaping a new world and many news reports, consumers and a substantially large segment of the American population won´t understand what is happening. They will be lost as to the power of this great mathematical trend, because they don´t understand basic math principles.

Do you agree with the importance of SQL consulting and where it is headed in the future? Do you believe others around you understand the importance  and how do you explain the mathematical concepts behind SQL server help to those that are not mathematically inclined.

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