Those looking for information on finding a business intelligence analyst, becoming a business intelligence analyst or learning the benefits of using this type of analyst have come to the right place.

Become a Business Intelligence Analyst

To be an analyst in this field you need to thrive on data. People who understand technology and statistics and who are analytical thinkers tend to thrive in the world of data mining. What is a bunch of numbers to some people are actually exciting to others. If you like preparing reports and developing raw data into usable material that can help businesses change for the better, this could be the field for you. People who enjoy dealing with numbers and statistics often enjoy this field.

Could your business benefit from business intelligence consulting or other data analysis?

Technology and business knowledge coupled with industry certifications could help. There are various certifications available through programs such as Business Objects and you’ll want to know a lot about databases, report running and data warehousing. This is a growing field. If you’re not interested in becoming a data and BI analyst, perhaps you’ve arrived here because you’re interested in finding out what these types of services can do for you and your business.

Find a Business Intelligence Analyst

There are consultancies specialized in helping companies manage their data enabling them to use it to their advantage. You can find companies that will help you manage your data, run basic reports, provide custom reports, learn to write your own reports and train you on various available tools. When looking for a BI specialist, you’ll want to know what experience they have, how quickly they can turn around your requests and find out if their consultancy fees are in line with industry averages.

What Can A BI Specialist Do For You?

A business intelligence specialist can help you: get data and turn it into useable reports, write specific reports for you and can often provide business consultancy services as well. They can even help you take a manual business and automate it so that your data becomes available through computer generated reports either on your standalone pc, server, and either your intranet or extranet.

Using your data to your advantage can help you in every aspect of your business. From managing people to product to enhancing customer relationships, data is gold and learning how to use your business data and manage it well can help you be better and more profitable at what you do.

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