Customer Rewards Program: Implement one Through Custom Reporting Services


Larger companies with bigger budgets have long benefited from the use of customer rewards and loyalty programs, and while small businesses can also implement some type of reward program, the prohibitive cost of data reporting systems has until now been too prohibitive. Newer technologies, updated applications and easier SQL report management tools now allow even small businesses to implement more robust rewards programs.

Through robust SQL data report management small businesses can also benefit from their data just as larger companies do. Implementing a smart custom reporting system helps you understand their specific customer and determine how best to motivate and incent them based on their past buying behavior.

Because small businesses are unaware of cost efficient custom reporting services, they often resort to the familiar punch reward card, the one where you buy a certain product and the cashier punches a hole in the card; after a certain number of punches the customer receives the reward.

Out with the Old – In with the New

Truth is, these programs can be cumbersome for consumers, as they often lose or forget their cards. Besides, these older rewards programs, offer no information to retailers about their customers. By implementing better reward systems through the use of Crystal reporting services, you offer an easier way for your businesses to use its data. You create customized customer loyalty programs at affordable costs.  The use of applications and tools in custom data report services allows you to have a more valuable loyalty program that offers real information about the types of products the customer buys and a program that is easier for consumers to participate in as they don’t have to keep track of any kind of card.


Accounts are accessible through phone number, name or address information or any other configuration data you want to set. Custom reporting services can allow different departments to access customer accounts through smartphones, tablets or computers. A Crystal report expert can help you design a customer rewards system that records all of the important customer information, then allows your customer service team members to pull this information up as needed. Through a system like this, merchants can profile customer shopping behavior and engage with them through coupons, sales events or store updates.

Additionally, your Crystal reports expert can configure the database so an account only needs to be set up once. No longer do you need to keep multiple punch cards, pay heavy costs of graphic designers, or printing costs.  When your customer service rep signs up an account, it is kept in the database, so an experienced custom report designer can tap into this information and create different rewards programs, access and scale customer purchase information, and even extract other SQL report data that can be used to determine purchasing trends or needs.

Bottom Line

Hiring an SQL reports expert to configure your customer rewards program is not as expensive as you might think.  Even small businesses on limited budgets can afford this type of service. Besides, having a complete rewards service plan in place can improve your sales and your service, giving you a quick return on your investment.

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