Make Your Work Hours More Efficient with Sharepoint Customization


Sharepoint customization is the key to collaborative work efficiency! Why isn’t there enough time in my day? Why do I have to do everything? Why is my organization so disorganized? Blame it on world globalization, increased workloads, the influx of a variety of Internet connecting devices… or just some way people work.

There’s No Such Thing as the 24 Hour Workday: Make Your Work Hours More Efficient with Sharepoint Customization

Whoever or wherever you place the blame, you still aren’t getting a solution – not unless you are actually working 24 hours a day. Still, you may be missing the big picture here! In the last 20 years we’ve seen great strides in technology and other work flow processes. But these same improved methods of communication, world globalization processes and better workflows are also making us work longer hours, miss important information, and causes us to make mistakes just because we didn’t take the time to study the data. It causes a huge dis-organizational mess! Of course, there can be many reasons for this lack of organization and this may depend on an organization’s  administration, system, work load and many different factors. However, in many cases it is caused by not implementing an effective and customized project management tool, and not helping employees engage comfortably with this tool.

Why You Just Can’t Handle it All!

Today, the world of business is very different from that of 20 years ago, and projects constantly require collaborative efforts – – one person just can’t handle these globalized workloads. Because of this need for teamwork, often team members have different skill sets and are located in different offices, buildings, different states or even in different countries.

Businesses that use conventional methods of communications, such as e-mail and phone may be using tools that don’t fit the needs for their projects and their collaborations. For many, the solutions have been to compensate by working extra hours, off hours and over sending written communications. These communication tools  require more time to manage and consequently require more employee work hours. I have a simple solution might be to integrate social networking collaboration for business, much like that available on the social media networks.

This type of social collaboration tool does exist… In fact, the most versatile of these is Microsoft SharePoint. This is an application that works right out of the box and gives businesses the functionality and benefits of social interaction between peers, team members and management.

Why SharePoint?

Of course, there are many other collaborative tools out of the market – –  and most are adaptable to business needs. But SharePoint is unique in that your IT developing team can customize it specifically for the businesses needs.

SharePoint customization allows for the display of specific reports, information and data for each of the collaborative areas. Your IT team’s ability to perform SharePoint development in such a way that it simplifies the collaboration process between all members, making workflows function more efficiently, thereby saving employee time, and helps the business save on employee time costs. This also improves the a statesman in the project management software, as it simplifies the learning curve team members need to make when implementing the project management software.

How to Implement SharePoint Development Effectively?

As with other tools implementing new software and helping team members engaged with it is difficult. To speed the use of effective SharePoint collaboration, be sure that the IT team explains the primary use of each customized report, the primary use of the template tools used and understood around how they can integrate with each other using features like the “Chatter” option.

Talk with project team members to discuss their specific engagement needs. Discuss their expectations and make sure that all team members understand the possibilities and limitations of the SharePoint platform.

Bottom Line

By implementing a collaboration tool like SharePoint and customizing it to the business needs, employees and team can work more efficiently  and save time. As corporate manager team leader, you promote employee motivation, require less work time and save on manpower hours when you implement a project management tool like Sharepoint development.

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