Project Server Development – How To Organize It Quickly and Efficiently


Have you ever observed an ongoing conversation between two people; one where someone is explaining his passion, you can see his enthusiasm and interest – and the other person…desperately trying to maintain even a semblance of interest in the conversation. Hmm, this seems to be the typical conversation between an IT person and a business professional. So how are we supposed to make project server development work.

According to analytical author Wayne Eckerson, business people are blue and IT people are red. So when an  SQL server consultant needs to meet both of these teams needs, he must negotiate, meet each in the middle and be the purple color; the perfect blend of each color (red and blue). Because neither business, nor IT fully trust each other or understands the challenges each professional faces, they both need the BI  and project server development professional to guide them into the effective use of data in the organization, data that helps them make more informed business decisions. Let’s define the different type of professional so you get a better understanding of how each link fits together perfectly.

Red – The IT Team

IT people have different ways of viewing business objectives and roles, a different way of interacting with the business. And when it falls on IT shoulders to make the server. SQL database and reporting tools work together then it has to work harder at becoming an efficient business partner. To do this, those that work in the IT department should:

  • Understand the reason for the project server development needs.
  • IT needs to ask itself; what does the business expect to get from these reports?
  • How would you use this information to improve the IT department?
  • Are there any other reporting tools that the business can use to understand the tada better?
  • As part of a team, IT personnel need to understand how important it is to share tools and explain any limitations a tool can have. Business team members need to:
  • Understand available data. You need to understand what data, tools and tasks are available and which aren’t.

The Project Server Development Team

When planning out your sql server consultant services you have to meet both teams in the middle. Pull your data into a spreadsheet and help each team visualize its functionality. Show business team leaders the issues the IT department faces, but by the same token show the IT team the importance of these data reports in the building and structuring of the business infrastructure. Your job as the  report server consultant is to verify the data, place it in an easy to understand report format, and provide useful feedback. Your job is to coach both the red and the blue team members.

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